For Project Sponsors

Wardour aims to offer a strategic partnership and project / programme management services to customers so that they can make decisions on how to create and enhance the economic value of their projects as well as the socio-economic benefit that can be attained for local and regional communities. The value proposition to project sponsors is that we can offer project management services, which through proper governance and project controls, empowers customers to deliver successful projects.

 We view property and construction assets as having complex, integrated lifecycles and we deliver an integrated portfolio of services along this lifecycle, from concept, through design and construction, to the management and maintenance of a project or asset.

Our project managers work closely with our cost, asset management and advisory teams and capitalise fully on our global experience to achieve practical, measurable benefits and allow our clients to achieve their vision.

* Comprehensive capabilities include:

* Risk management

* Schedule benchmarking

* Change management

* Value engineering

* Constructability reviews

* Design and engineering management

* Procurement management

* Construction and handover management

Advisory Services

The Wardour team understand the dynamic risks associated with the development of capital projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our project advisory services focus on identifying the risk matrix for specific projects and developing an effective and efficient project development plan, thus improving the transparency and accountability of the various stakeholders associated with the project. This in turn allows the client to have visibility of costs and identify, minimise or resolve disputes during the capital project life-cycle.

For project preparation advisory services. the implementation of an investment project comprises an extremely wide range of activities, beginning with the formulation of the project objective, the development of this into a project study, the processing of the accompanying documentation including: concept note; pre-feasibility studies; feasibility studies; economic and financial analysis; environmental and social impact studies; the forecasting of possible sources of finance; and the processing of a financial model and an application for the provision of financial resources from selected support programmes. 

This is all followed by the development of project documentation for building permission and the implementation of this project documentation, engineering activity, the preparation of competitive tendering for the selection of a supplier, the conclusion of contractual relations with a chosen supplier or suppliers, the technical and administrative supervision of the execution of the project, and the possible processing of a final report. Wardour offers its experience in such activities across the full range of these operations and is capable of preparing and ensuring the implementation of an investment project for its client as a “turnkey” project. 

In terms of non-investment projects, Wardour offers advisory services in the formulation of the project, including the assurance of its compatibility with the measures and priorities of the development programme documents adopted, the processing of a feasibility study and an economic analysis, including the forecasting of possible sources of financing, and the possible processing of an application for the provision of financial resources from selected support programmes and administrative assistance.

Project Audit and Recovery Consultancy

Wardour’s team can undertake a “deep dive” audit on the capital project plans before or during construction to assess the overall performance of the project to allow clients increase their return on capital employed, actions include:

* reviewing contracts for potential risk exposures;

* evaluating the fairness and robustness of estimates and budgets;

* assessing project controls in place;

* validating schedule duration and logic;

* verifying that bonds and insurance policies are updated and in place;

* tracking project expenditures and approving payment applications;

* monitoring scope change and reviewing change order requests;

* providing independent project updates;

* preparing cost forecasts and cash-flow analyses; and

* recommending performance solutions to protect project budget and schedule.

* Develop Critical Path Methodology (CPM) schedules, project cost accounting systems, change order processes, and other controls necessary to take corrective action.

* Dispute Prevention

Claims are, by nature, a means to recover additional costs stemming from changes or damages which were not anticipated within the terms and conditions of the contract. If left unmanaged, these claims can evolve into costly disputes, often leading to profit-draining litigation. Our team support our clients in an effort to prevent further escalation with services including:

* claims strategy development;

* costs and schedule monitoring and auditing;

* technical analyses.

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