Project Management Consultancy

Our project managers work closely with our cost, asset management and advisory teams and capitalise fully on our global experience to achieve practical, measurable benefits for our clients

Project Preparation Advisory

To deliver capital projects from inception through to decommissioning requires a deep understanding and entrepreneurial approach to deliver the programme most efficiently. Wardour’s team with their experience and skill sets places them in a strong position to advise client’s on the strategic financial and technical obligations that need to be addressed to deliver projects efficiently

Project Audit and Recovery Consultancy

If a client finds their project failing, our team can undertake a full detailed audit of the project to understand where the problems emanate from. Once identified, Wardour can then develop a recovery implementation plan to ensure the client get their project back on track. If required Wardour can provide the necessary management resources to deliver the recovery plan or monitor it progress against the plan

We Support Your Capital Projects

Whether the project is a small residential development or a large multi millon dollar development, Wardour is there to support you as you develop and deliver your capital projects.


Wardour team captures a number of professionally motivated individuals passionate about the delivery of capital projects in Africa .

Collaborative People

Our business model is to sit alongside our clients and deliver a bespoke service that seemlessly aligns with the clients corporate culture.

Bring Ideas to Success

Understanding the dynamics across the full lifecycle of capital projects we can take your idea and vision and guide you to make that a reality

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